View Full Version : Maybe important for everyone who have problem with the car handling

29-09-2017, 07:19
I had the problem that all cars drove like crap and almost impossible to drive fast on track. spinning out in corners, skidding and sliding when breaking... Totally different from the nice and driveable handling in PC1.
I think I found a reason why now and I tried several cars on different tracks and the handly MUCH better.
The problem about using wrong setups from other cars is a known bug. Helps to set to default before every race. I always do that to be sure. But I still had the bad tracktion problem. Lowering the tire pressure for about 4 clicks made the tracktion and handling much better and more like it should be though. Worked on all cars I tried. Maybe a bug that the tires are always too hard and inflated?

29-09-2017, 08:28
There's different predefined setups for wheel/gamepad (loose/stable) coming in a patch. Until then, try playing around with the deadzone and sensitivity settings for steering/braking. I had the same problems in the beginning and that helped a lot. Then take some time to just get used to it :) Definitely do all that before changing the car setup. Seriously, while the data was downloading I tried throwing that McLaren around Long Beach and had exactly the same problems as you. Just changing the braking sensitivity and being more careful on those gamepad triggers helped loads.