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29-09-2017, 07:58
I thought I'd just share a funny and awesome experience I had the other night...

I entered an online race at Mount Panorama (Bathurst) on a public peer-to-peer server which had an almost full lobby of 30 players, racing a Mitsubishi Lancer or something like that. As I do quite often I joined the server with about 5 mins to go in qualifying and had time to put in 1 lap, and qualified about mid pack. As I was in a rush I didn't check any of the details about the race and was just looking for a fun clean race to help out with my license safety progression. Qualifying mid pack in a field of 30 cars may have not been the safest option in hindsight... lol.

Anyway, to the start of the race we go. It was a night race. We take off from the start and go through turn 1 and surprisingly pretty much all of us made it through cleanly. We start heading up mountain straight and I am on the right hand side of the road 3 wide with other cars with no where to go as there are cars in front of me and on my tail. I'm obviously thinking this is a recipe for disaster but trying to keep it clean, hoping others could too. We get to near the hump and the car besides me gives me a nudge, flicks me and puts me into the wall head on. I do my best to minimise the carnage for everyone else around. I get going again but both of my headlights are out because of the damage, the window is cracked (I always drive cockpit view) and the suspension is also damaged making the car difficult to drive but just bearable. At this point I'm thinking I don't want to quit the race as I don't want it to negatively affect my license skill points, so decide to continue on. It was a 10 lap race, so it was going to be a long haul. As I knew I had a lot of damage to the car I didn't want to pit and waste half of the race so I continued on for a bit of a challenge.

So here I am driving around Bathurst at night as fast as I could with cracked windscreen, no lights and suspension damage making the wheel not straight. I'm holding it together pretty good in the darkness and catch up to some other cars who had separate incidents of their own. That worked well for me as they still had headlights and I could follow them and see better where I was going, especially down the very dark conrod straight. Unfortunately for me, they had better pace than me and after a few laps left me in the distance and I was back to driving on my own in the darkness again.

We get to about midway through about lap 4 and I'm thinking to myself that I can make this as I'm in a bit of a rhythm and everything is going pretty smoothly all factors considered. Then the rain starts coming down!!! As if things weren't challenging enough already! I start having a bit of a laugh to myself as I didn't see that coming but continue on with the car sliding all over the place with hardly any visibility at all. A little bit later the rain seemed to turn into what was like light snow falling onto a wet track. By this time, it's taking every bit of my concentration to hold things together and I was determined to make it to the end. Driving down conrod at 200+ Km/hr with a cracked windscreen, rain/snow falling, no lights in the dark, and damaged car, was taking every ounce of energy and concentration I had. I finally get lapped by the leaders around lap 7 and look at my fuel and I realise I'm not going to make it to the end! I pull in the pits and use a fuel only pit strategy to do the quickest stop possible to try to get at least 9 on the 10 laps done. I exit the pits with enough fuel to make it to the end with my lights now working again much to my relief! Around midway into my final lap (albiet 1 lap down from leader) I start to get the race finish countdown timer and was determined to finish before it ended. Hammered around as fast as I could making to to the line with seconds to spare, laughing my head off thinking wtf, what a race!! I think I ended up being one of the last of the runners but several people quitted out due to accidents of their own so I ended up finishing around where I qualified, but didn't care as it was so unique and so much fun.

Post race I saw in the chat some of the guys talking about a car following them for a few laps with no lights on and had a bit of a chuckle to myself.

Have to say that would have to be the most unique and challenging experience I have ever had online racing, or offline for that matter. I have to say the weather and time of day effects in the game are incredible... second to none. Stupidly, I didn't think about saving the replay after the race but really wish I had of now.

Thanks SMS for creating such a great game which has the ability to provide these type of unique experiences! As the game has only been out for a week, I suspect I'll encounter a lot more great experiences like this over time and really look forward to it. Keep up the great work SMS!

Now onto the next challenge!!

29-09-2017, 08:57
Shared your story in the WMD forum :)

29-09-2017, 09:02
What an ace read!! This is why PC2 is an amzing game!! Yes it has its bugs (im on xbox one) but still im loving the game!

04-10-2017, 10:16
Nice story mate. That's the right spirit for PCARS2. Kudos for not quitting the race under these circumstances. Many people would just have done a rage quit.

04-10-2017, 11:36
Great Read sounds like you had a ball wish I was in the race with you......As I love Bathurst and its on this weekend

05-10-2017, 09:29
Last night, online race in Red Bull Ring with the GT3s. I got a very good start and took first place from second, race was going well until lap 2, in the back straight a car was upside down and facing the wrong way. Obviously an accident, thought "oh' well, that's unlucky for the guy, he will just need to retire now".

But no, he stayed there, hoping he would make it out of this somehow! He asked for help through text messages, he started like "Guys, I'm upside down, got any advice?". Couple of people responded while driving, I myself had a little smile. Then he was asking for help, "Guys can you please nudge me a bit, to flip me over again?". I wanted to do that, but well, I had 1st place, didn't want to sacrifice it :) Anyway, the guy kept texting throughout the race, it was hilarious to be reading his comments as we were passing by him in every lap, I could barely keep control of my car, laughing with his comments :)

At some point, he started flashing his lights as we were passing by him and he said, "Not sure if I have terminal damage..can you see my lights flashing?". It was so surreal, it made it feel like there really was a person trapped in that car, struggling and seeking for help while other cars were passing by him a few meters away at 250 km/h! At the end, I couldn't manage it anymore, I started having tears from laughing out loud all that time, lost control and crashed my car in the last lap! But I was still all smiles as I was crawling to the finish..Oh well, whoever you were in that car, sorry did not note your name, but although I am sure this was a frustrating experience for you, it did make my day from my point of view :)

And yes, he did not retire from the race, kept there till the end! It was only like 6-7 laps, but it felt like this race had lasted for an hour! And I can only imagine how this would had felt if it was possible to also _hear_ his cries for help (not available in the PC) during the race :) :) :)