View Full Version : McLaren 650S GT3 Wrong datas (copy and past from mp4 12-c)

29-09-2017, 09:11
Being a fan of simulation,i like to check and to compare real data with data of the game
I'm very happy about this because lots of gt3 use real datas,but 650S unfortunatly not,it use a copy and past data from mp4 12-c
This is shame because they are 2 differents cars and cause this is simulation.
This is the 1st 'fault' by SMS found about gt3
Of course i don't know if this is a license issue,if not i hope you fix later :)

29-09-2017, 09:12
Isn't the GT3 platform of the Mp4 12-c and 650S almost identical? That's what I always thought at least.

As for data: What do you mean copy/pasted? Where?

29-09-2017, 09:23
I do not have the data on both cars but won't both cars be roughly the same? There is even an upgrade kit for 12C to upgrade to 650S.

Also, I think I like to see some evidence on the data you claim that it is the same between Pcars 2 650S GT3 and Pcars 1 12C GT3.

29-09-2017, 09:36
Springs,camners gearbox are taken from mp4
They similar at rear wing and rear part,other things much different
First for me is gearbox and ratios,I like xtrac at 650s
with 1st gear you can hardly attack sharp corners (example Paul Ricard last corner) and your rear axle (wheels) will never got a sliding! It thanks to that gearbox (ferrati 488 has same or close gearbox which allowed the same). In case with mp4 mclaren you can do the same things and again if to check PR last corner you will get sliding at rear axle due to another gearbox and it's specifics
next goes suspension. Cars have different suspension.
springs and dampers. As I read 650s has harder springs and uses 100% Ohlins TTX36 dampers instead of TTX40 or DDSV on mp4
Those things make a real difference
Cars have different size at front tires

in the end BOP weight is different and minimum rideheight

11-10-2017, 00:04
I still wait the reply from Physics maker
Should be possible that you add a proper physics later?
Or is a license problem?
Thanks for reply