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29-09-2017, 09:13
Is the damage model being looked at? , as I feel the damage is set way too high , contact in this game is of course to be avoided if poss, but sooner or later it happens , and it seems the damage is much more sensitive than it was in Pcars 1 , a couple of scrapes on most cars and you have to pit. On the Indya cars you even slighty touch another car and its over. I know you can turn damage down , but that takes away a little of the fun for me. Im not complianing (god forbid) Im just asking.

29-09-2017, 09:36
I just love how damage is now in Pcars 2.
Against AI in some events it can become a bit frustrating due their behaviour sure, but online with good player it is absolutely excellent.
But some cars are less "sensitive" to take damage as others.
Some cars are to hard to lose a wheel in a heavy crash..
Hopefuly they improve it and make the damage sensivty equaled.

A hit to aero like the Indycars at more than 200 km/h is normal that it would you do pit for change the wing because you can't achieve anymore high speed due the lack of the broken aerodynamics..
Like I've said... Love it.. And hopefully they don't lower this damage sensitivity

29-09-2017, 10:28
I don't mind the new damage, from what I have seen it doesn't give a predictable outcome, I had a race with the Ferrari gt3 and had 17% front damage, I was warned of engine overheating as I crossed the start finish line, engine damage at this point was 4%, I took it easy, but never finished the lap, lol.. so restated the race , and this time I had 38 or so front damage but 0 engine dame and finished the race without a glitch or having to back off. My biggest gripe with it is the visual damage for a slight tap, it looks like you let a kid lose with a black marker. :)

12-10-2017, 23:43
I actually think the damage model is to forgiving a times.. .
I have made some crashes that should have ended my race right away, but still been able to race on.
And SMS, why isn't it possible to get a puncture / flat tire??.. (Not really a realistic tire model without that scenario)

Edit: Just saw this was on PS4.
Don't know if there is a difference between them, but I'm on PC.