View Full Version : Why are the community event lap times not synced with the Time Trial leaderboard?

29-09-2017, 12:56
I mean... I drive my ass off to set a descent time on the community event, and then I need to drive again to set it on Time Trail?

Sorry if this is mentioned somewhere before. I'm new around here.

29-09-2017, 14:08
Time trial has set parameters - time of day, track temp etc and these are not necessarily the same on Community events so the times will not apply.

29-09-2017, 19:05
Now, that I thing about it again... it makes sense, you're right. :D :rolleyes:

...even if I still think that both, community and time trails, are mostly based on a sunny and cloudy weather set, and that they won't impact the times. But hey, if our good fellas at SMS manages to code such great detail that even a cloudy weather changes the track temperature from a clear sunny weather and so changes the tyre grip on the track, and therefore changes our track times, in spite of having a lot of other (obvious) bugs - I will take my hat off for this.

Sorry my bad english.