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29-09-2017, 15:29
Anybody else happy about how the cars feel at low speeds? Whatever they did, I can feel the car now. It's long been a pet peeve of mine with sims, I never could feel the car and what it was doing in chicanes and anything first gear/low second. It was like aimlessly moving a spoon through a bowl of soup, well that's what it felt like, also in Pcars 1.

Now I don't mean to start a war about how I can not set up my wheel right for <insert sim of choice here> and I'm an idiot (I will happily admit I am one.) But I can feel it now, and that's without any FFB tweaks etc, it's out of the box with my lowly TX. It makes me happy, that's about it.

Whatever SMS did to the tire model, I quite like it. Also how in some cars, especially older ones which have more body roll, you become quite acutely aware when you are on the limit in a bend, you're balancing on the loaded tires, and the other ones are either airborne, or close to becoming so, and the feeling is conveyed quite nicely.

29-09-2017, 17:33
Same here, I was not sure what to expect from the game, but after a few minutes I was like whoooa! I was honestly getting goosebumps all the time.
Actually I was getting a good enough feeling in other sims, but in PC1 as someone else has put it, it felt to me as if "cars were steering with the rear wheels", but still I liked the game a lot, due to the many other things that it offered. Now in PC2 we have a vastly improved feel and also a ton other new stuff..

Aldo Zampatti
29-09-2017, 17:37
Try using the [ ] keys while driving to adjust fov.
A Wider FOV should give you a higher sense of speed than a narrower one.

29-09-2017, 17:50
I'm pretty sure you're a busy guy Aldo, the forum being very active after release and all. The sense of speed is just fine in Pcars :P I was not suggesting a problem, far from it ;)

29-09-2017, 18:52
I love the feeling of loading up one of the rear tires through hairpins and chicanes an using it to pivot the car around and then accelerating out of the corner. It really is brilliant.