View Full Version : I tip my hat to you

29-09-2017, 15:30
Have to say finally SMS seem to have delivered something close to what they did before with the GTR sims. I've been very critical of SMS the last few years. The first I just did not get at all, it just wasn't right for me. I am however big enough to show respect when you finally do deliver and really that's what it's all about for me, was wanting a polished simulation that was promised all these years.

First off the physics throughout are now highly believable, I'm only using a controller so maybe I'm not in the best position of judging the physics until I can get a wheel but I know they are right just by the way the car is responding to controller input. I love balancing the cars on the throttle, balancing the weight shifting from back to front under braking and trail braking and also transistions from powersliding in and out of the corners. Feedback on the pad on the whole is great, can be very precise and tactile under braking because the feedback is there to tell you it's close to locking. Can also feel the rear well on exit and so can can powerslide really nicely. Only real thing I struggle with is a vague almost floaty feel on the straights, I visually seem to hit a lot of bumps in the track but don't feel them on the pad and so maybe this why I get the vague feel. Again I'm guessing it's something that's vastly different on a FFB wheel but in all this feel like a modern day GTR to me.

Presentation is so much better than PC1, be it the UI,graphics, everything. I see people saying the first is better looking, I disagree, this looks miles better, less Holywood with over done effects and just looks very real to my eyes.

Dunno if it's cause im normally baked when I play this but something has to be said about the soundtrack! It's fantastic, I've had some long loading times and some connection issues online but the music kind of makes it less annoying. Again it has that GTR vibe.

Online is the first sim on console to make me feel like I was back on PC. The racing and general quality of racing has been amazing when it works. I say when it works as I seem to be having quite a lot of Laggy races/ servers, if somebody joins mid session it seems to completely mess my game up. Most of my time honestly has just been hot lapping due to the weird lah spikes/fps drops online. Hoping once patched this is fixed.

Anyway I know the game has a lot if issues that need ironing out but already this just feels exactly what I have wanted from SMS so congrats.