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29-09-2017, 16:17
Hey guys,

My english is not so good but I will try to explain my problem significantly.

I live in Bordeaux (France) and I do not have a good Internet connexion. So I use the sharing connexion of my iPhone because I have full 4G unlimited. It is working with Assetto Corsa and PCars 1.
But with PCars 2, when I join a lobby, I am automaticcaly disconnected from the lobbies. It is impossible to join any lobby.
And when I create a lobby, nobody can join the lobby.
Strangely, I can join the communautary and hotlap.

What do you think about that?

29-09-2017, 17:07
If Ian Bell could read me...

30-09-2017, 11:32

30-09-2017, 11:40
Maybe you have NAT3 on LTE connection

30-09-2017, 12:09
It is all the infos about the network and the data, I use an iPhone 6.


Siberian Tiger
30-09-2017, 12:16
Please check your NAT State on PS4, then report back.

I assume that your LTE Connection doesn't allow the needed Ports to communicate.

30-09-2017, 12:27
But I do not understand why the problem is present only with PCars 2


Siberian Tiger
30-09-2017, 12:46
I do not know it either...

NAT 2 should be ok.

Perhaps your ISP is blocking some Connections?

30-09-2017, 12:49
This morning, I played PCars 1 without problem. But impossible to play PCars 2.
I have 10 games who work fine....
Are there any difference between the servers of PC 1 and 2?

30-09-2017, 13:14
Maybe PCars2 uses different TCP/UDP ports you need do unlock. But I doubt you can do that on a smartphone. Maybe on stand alone LTE WiFi router. But many LTE carriers do not fully support gaming. I cannot game on my Orange LTE. They have NAT3, ports locked and no will to change that.

30-09-2017, 13:24
I thought about that but I can create online session, I can play communautary. Just joining lobbies is impossible...

30-09-2017, 14:59
On my LTE in Project Cars1 I was able to join or create lobby but game would not let me go on track. Car was locked in Pit Stop.

30-09-2017, 15:12
I've been having lots of issues joining lobbies. My connection was fine, ADSL2 @ over 12Gb/s tonight but I couldn't get in on my first 10-20 attempts.

I have made it into some qualifiers now but still can't work out how to get to the race.

30-09-2017, 17:49
Yesterday and today is Fifa premiere weekend. Every year this time PSN barely works. Because $ony.

01-10-2017, 11:11
It is possible to talk with someone of WMD?

06-10-2017, 18:39
Hey guys,

I am coming back with some bad news about your game.
So it did not work with sharing connection so with me colleague (i work for an ISP firm), we analyze eveything about the connection.
We had a lot of inability to understand how works your server.
We tried with a VPN but everytime we tried to play online, I have the message of expulsion....
I bought this game the day of the release and I can not play online.....

I want an answer of WMD and if necessary, I have all the data of my connection to your server

06-10-2017, 19:32
I spent last night at a friend's place where he cannot join any online multiplayer rooms or open his own online room, he has nat type 2. All he gets is the message. Failed to join the game. The session is full or no longer available. Very frustrating, just want to get online. Please help.