View Full Version : Track consistency? Silverstone vs. Hockenheim national as an example

30-09-2017, 07:07

After winning my first race of GT4 series against AI at Redbull with GT4 Porsche Cayman against AI at level 50 or so, I moved to the second race at Silverstone. I didn't pay too much attention to the detailed driving feel at Redbull since it sort felt natural and smooth enough. But then I spent like 8 hours of restarted practice runs and time trials trying to learn Silverstone national. I just kept struggling with the corners, not having almost any clues or FFB to the grip or other aspects of the car (not even tire sounds except during braking), which meant that I juts kept spinning out at every third corner or so if I tried to keep up with the AI or to even improve my own lap times. The thing was that I wasn't able to learn any cues to how fast I can take a corner besides looking at the speedometer (even AI speed seemed sometimes way too fast, sometimes way too slow), and even then it felt really inconsistent. Every time the first cues arrived for the fact that the grip starts to become problem, there was literally nothing I could do to correct the situation any more and I just spun out every single time. I thought that oh well, maybe this game or car is just not for me.

However, then I decided to skip that race (or well, spun out at the end of the first lap) and go to the next one which was Hockenheim national. Suddenly, there was again excellent feeling to the car and I can actually drive into corners knowing almost perfectly what is going on and even survive a decent amount of oversteer/understeer by correcting for it properly. It feels like I'm now in control of the car instead of the other way around. Every corner suddenly seems like a joy and it feels like really driving a car connected to the road.

Can someone elborate what is going on here? Why some tracks feel totally unmanageable and binary in terms of having grip or spinning out without any warning, while others seem to achieve very good feeling on the road?

30-09-2017, 07:13
Did you try different setups? The race engineer helps me a lot in those situations as I am not very good at building setups.

30-09-2017, 07:16
Were track conditions similar? Weather? Track temperature? Did you checked you were using same tires compound for all these races?
I have to say that for me Silverstone Nat is also not really informative but I am still able to drive it in low power cars. I will try the cayman there as soon as possible

30-09-2017, 07:23
Did the tyre heat look normal?

30-09-2017, 07:34
I tried to fiddle with the race engineer but there was nothing much I could figure out to improve "feeling" to the road. I made some adjustments to the brake balance but that did not help me at all. Weather was the same (dry all the way). Tire compond seems to be hard slick for both Silverstone and now for Hockenheim. Regarding tyre heat, I don't know because I'm not expert enough to judge those. The tyre "coloring" on telemetry screen seemed green after running a couple of laps. Edit: To add, I'm running with Jack Spade's custom config for FFB which seems to feel great in general so far (except for this Silverstone case).