View Full Version : Where the "remove skin" button in the showroom?

30-09-2017, 07:21
OK I guess there isn't one, not an essential feature, but the only way to see the lovely detail under the cars body panels is yet again to crash your cars very hard. After the amount of time that has obviously been spent on detailing the cars it would just be nice to see all that work without trying to crash it in a certain way.

30-09-2017, 07:52
seriously? :p

I hope you do not apply the same logic when driving your real world car, might end badly.

Joking aside, I fail to see reasons making SMS even thinking of implementing such a 'feature', unless it's perhaps done in similar fashion to the Forza franchise, where you can explore your car and underlying bits and pieces in the ForzaVista-mode.

30-09-2017, 15:28
The reason is what I already mentioned - they spend a lot of time and effort detailing these cars and most of it I will never see. What Forza have is great, but would take a lot of work, where as just one button to remove all the panel, or all the ones that can be come off in a crash, so it can all be seen in the Showroom. I remember watching review videos of PC1 where people where crashing cars just to show the detail underneath, which seems a shame to have to do that. We've got a lovely Showroom yet you can only see some of the car.

David Semperger
30-09-2017, 17:23
To be honest, I would love such a feature, for the exact same reason as the OP. The car models in Project CARS are definitely among the best I've seen and I would like to look at them in their full glory and not have to crash them in a race. :)