View Full Version : Xbox issue with saving

30-09-2017, 10:43
Each time I go onto the game after another profile has I have to reset all of my control functions as they go back to default, making it very annoying whenever I play the game (I share the game with my dad hence the two profiles). Is there a way to fix this at all? I'm having so many issues at the moment but this seems like one that could easily be fixed. Thank you

30-09-2017, 12:25
I don't have two profiles but I recently bought an external hard drive because my original Xbox1 had no room to download this game and I haven't had any saving issues what so ever with PC2.

Hans Off
04-10-2017, 15:10
this happens to me everytime the game has to be restarted (due to a crash or a change in controllers) all the control assignments are lost. It's a total pain in the behind.