View Full Version : Driving line broken?

30-09-2017, 14:16
I know no driving line will ever be anywhere near as good as Forza Motorsport's but this game's needs serious work. For one, it shows braking only and is slow to adapt. Worst of all though, and the reason it's absolutely not usable at this stage is that there are some corners for which the line simply isn't there! And I'm not just talking about fast corners, I'm meaning full on 90 degree turns after a long straight. Similar with the turn indicator - it's missing in some places. Any chance of a fix soon?

Trippul G
30-09-2017, 14:23
Known issue. I'd say to use the search tool, but I just did a search for "driving line" and "braking line", and there was nothing immediately obvious that I could see which looked like a thread where this had been reported...even though I KNOW there have been multiple threads on the issue.

So, either my eyesight is terrible, or I'm using the search incorrectly, or something wonky is going on with these forums.