View Full Version : Feature Request: More filters and ways to find lobbies

30-09-2017, 14:50
Enjoining the game so far, but I can't help notice that the process to find lobbies while being very satisfactory in some parts (full information of the lobby from the outside, good amount of information from the lobby list...) I think it needs some improvements:

Ability to see all the lobbies, not just 20
Filter for the rating of the lobby
Filter to choose more than one type of class (For example, I want to see all the lobbies with Road A, LMP1 and GT3 class combined))
More information about the performance of the rating, like in Iracing: what you did wrong, what did you hit, how many times you got warned...
More information about the rules of the rating: what make it decrease or increase
Ability to order all the lobbies (if we first get the ability to see all the lobbies and not just 20) by rating, time left to the race, class...
Posibility to see the time left of the lobby in the wating screen (you can see the time inside the lobby and on the lobby list)

I hope this request it's at least read by the devs and maybe work on the abilities to filter and search for lobbies. Thanks a lot!

30-09-2017, 14:57
Your request is on point but to tbh I don't see the point of this rating system if matcmaking isn't done like in iRacing or GT Sport. How hard can it be? 200 people sign up for a specific race at given time, sort them out in lobbies by ratings and have fun...this is a fail so far big time,its very hard to find any decent lobby let alone above E class safety rating...

30-09-2017, 15:32
I agree with you, and it's something that other people interested on clean driving ask.

30-09-2017, 16:44
+1 Would like more filtering options. Can you filter by name? If so I can't figure out how or where to type it in at.