View Full Version : Rolling Start Replay Issue

30-09-2017, 20:43
I've been doing a couple of races on the Daytona road Course using rolling starts. Both times when I view the replay it starts with my car moving as expected but all other ai are stationary in their single file positions like they were right at the start of the formation lap. It takes a few seconds until the ai suddenly jump into theor correct positions and continue as normal.

Is there anyone else experiencing this?


13-02-2018, 11:43
Hi folks, I'm still getting this problem. I'm running offline with ai and manual formation lap. The problem occurs on all tracks and with all cars/classes. It's like the ai are loading for a few seconds. I'll try it without the manual formation lap and see if it works but if anyone has any ideas or can confirm it's just a problem with my game or a known (or unknown?) bug I'm all ears.


13-02-2018, 12:33
Yes, this has been reported a few times.

13-02-2018, 13:54
Ok that's fine then, I must have missed it. Thanks! :D