View Full Version : Time trial classes are broken

30-09-2017, 21:56
I have been fighting for records with the Group A cars, problem is that for some reason V8 super car and touring car shows up on the leaderboard as the same class as the group A cars like the 190E and M3 DTM's this makes no sense to me. I suggest this gets fixed so that when you browse the leaderboard by class it actually shows by that class and not a hodgpodge of other classes with cars that are much faster or much slower.

Roger Prynne
30-09-2017, 22:12
I take it you're on a console and not a PC?

01-10-2017, 00:23
Nope Roger, it's the same for PC ;)

01-10-2017, 01:43
On PC. Right now I have a few fastest times in the 190E and I am ahead of all the other group A cars, just annoying seeing the V8 Supercar which is 8-14 seconds faster a lap depending on track in the same leaderboard.

01-10-2017, 03:07
Mentioned that problem with my own thread yesterday as well. Group A, TC, Megane V6, V8 Supercars go together, so do GT1,2,3,4,E etc and Formula X,A, down to Rookie.
At the moment there is little sense in doing time trails.

Bothers me aswell and I hope it gets fixed as soon as possible since it should "only" be a database linking and table issue and nothing engine-breaking thing.

Apart from that, some tracks cannot save records, e.g. Daytona. Hope they can fix this aswell while they are looking into it. :-)

01-10-2017, 19:42
Please don't tell me you're having to bunch together different classes on console for Time Trial?
That would remove any need to even be able to race the loger classes as you can't set any times or race the ghosts

01-10-2017, 19:49
Leaderboards and hot lapping mode have quite a few problems now.


01-10-2017, 19:50
Indeed the Time Trial leaderboards are just weird.. I can understand this being a limitation on consoles but why on earth can't we have proper leaderboards on PC?