View Full Version : Bentley Gt3 Gearing Setup Problems

Guy Ekhard
30-09-2017, 23:53
Hi, I'm new to this forum. I registered because I bought Projectcars 2 (after playing the first version for many pleasant hours).
In Pc2 I noticed that the Bentley Gt3 (my favorite from Pc1) does not have the overall ratio gearing possibility working. (Choice for overall short gearing or longer gearing).
It seem to get stuck on only the short ratio (which is disastrous for long straight fast tracks) The highest speed I can get out of the Bentley with almost no down force is 273 km/u or something. It should go over 300. Did I miss something or could it be "a startup little issue" in the game.
This way there is no way you can compete with other Gt3 cars with fixed gearing setups.
For now driving the Mercedes Gt3 as a "workaround" :) .

For the 24 hours I did on PC2. It rocks in feel, aggressiveness, and more, provided you can find a decent car setup. (for Ai 100 and on-line racing) Unfortunate I started with the Bentley...
Oh well...my bad luck. :)
But if someone can help out......


11-10-2017, 18:57
yes. my favourite car too. seems somewhat crippled in pc2. averaging 7s slower most tracks and up to 20s slower long tracks big straights - le mans, nordshliefe

LMR TopSecret
11-10-2017, 19:01
Most of the gt3 cars have unadjustable final ratios, and the Bentley isn’t that slow. I can get it to be within 1s of An m6 or Porsche on majority of tracks. The m6 I believe maxes out at about 280km or so too. Despite saying about 300km.

11-10-2017, 19:11
The handling + tire models have been completely reworked and updated. Also, GT3 cars have homologated gear sets so there are a very limited amount of adjustments. AFAIK the gears allowed in PC2 are just like they are in the real life car.