View Full Version : Formula c struggles

01-10-2017, 15:03
Hi, I started racing ginetta junior on career mode and smashed it +4 sec on there fastest lap with no assists using g920wheel, then I move on to formula c and I can't beat them practice for 45 mins and I'm still -10 sec on the AI times, is there something Iv missed

major sunscreen
01-10-2017, 15:12
Tyre bug- apparently fix is in the pipeline. In the meantime wets are a workaround in the dry. I'm doing Clio championship instead and that's fine. Very prone to oversteer mid corner though although I'm experimenting with the dampers and slowly killing it off.. I'd recommend heading there in the short term as you then get the satisfaction of having to really work the setup with limited options. PS coast diff will prob have to be tweaked as well although this seems to be having less impact than I'd hoped.. with my inconsistent driving it's hard to tell ;p

01-10-2017, 15:39
Ok thanks for that, what other series don't have grip bugs in them?

03-10-2017, 13:54
Can you try something for me? Set the tire type manually in your setup for Formula C and see if that doesn’t nearly instantly fix your problem. I was able to keep up with them and run way better laps. I think they automatic by weather is broken but I need more people trying this.

03-10-2017, 17:30
Nope still not sorted it out

Jonas Gulle
05-10-2017, 09:43
I also struggled with the Formula C in the career mode, I simply could not get any grip with the slicks. It was nearly impossible to match the AI at 65%, so I had to lower them to 40% to be able to match them. However, the slicks tyres are obviously bugged so I tried the Wet tyres and suddenly there is grip again! AI back to 65-70%.

Try the wet tires until they have fixed the bug.