View Full Version : A few tips on how to increase your winrate online

01-10-2017, 16:50
I wanted to share a few tips with you on how to increase your chance of winning and gaining rank. I have 70 hours and am currently D1600 (Could have been 1700+ but my PC crashed a few times)

There is a few easy things you can do that will help you a lot in the race.

1. Research race

This one is quite critical. Will it rain in the session? Are there mandatory pitstops? Is there damage on? Etc.

If you come prepared then you can plan the pitstop ahead or knowing to be extra careful in the start in order to not get any damage.

2. All or nothing

If you know you can get pole or top 3 then go out there and do it in order to not get bunched up in the back because we all know how lap 1 looks like.

However if you don't have the time to set a good lap and you will start in the middle or last. Make sure you let everyone pass in the start and witness the mayhem from a "safe" position.

The next few corners you can overtake the slow guys and begin working on that race pace. This too is important since you don't want to get bunched up.

3. If you have the pace, you will win

So you did get hit several times and you are 30-50 seconds behind the leader? Your springs and wheel are all broken. You just wanna quit and give up. DONT!

Get your car back to the pit and do a full repair, it will take you even extra time however if there is 6-9 laps to go you will climb back up to top 10 or even winning depending how good your pace is. Thus at worst barerly loosing any rating or even gaining rating.

4. Try to learn a bit about your car.

I'm no expert at using setups however I make sure to use soft tyres and a low fuel load when qualifying and in the race use a harder tyre with more fuel. Also it's great to understand if your car is understeery or oversteery and use the race engineer to help you out. It works great and you can feel a difference directly.

If you do these things and never ever give up, I'm sure you will gain rating by just playing and having fun.

01-10-2017, 17:07
This is not so much about how to win but how to not lose:
5. If someone is blocking you in the i-will-never-let-you-pass way, dont try because if you succeed he will most likely take you out in the next turn where he can catch you. Keep close to him and in a couple of turns or maybe a lap he will have done a misstake and spun off track.

01-10-2017, 21:22
I'd like to extend point 3:

You should not only repair your car because you can still make up some positions. There are many more reasons why you should repair your car and ALWAYS finish the race:

1. If you leave the race before it ends, the game will remove some points of your rank and share it to those finishing the race. You don't want to loose these points in your rank.
2. When enough people crash and quit the server, it might be that from 15 people only 8 are finishing the race. Means even if you're finishing last, you're on 8th position rather than 15th position
3. As per my observation it looks like the removed points from rage quitters will be shared among those finishing the race. This means it is very very likely that you gain 1 or 2 points even when you finish last of the remaining racers.
4. Your safety rating will be (simplified) calculated by the distance you drove vs. the accidents you had. If you quit the game after getting wrecked after 300 meters, then you have 1 accident per 300 meters driving distance at the end of the race. But if you finish the race instead, then you might have driven 50 kilometers and had one accident. That's a muuuuuch better driven distance vs accidents ratio here.
5. It's simply not fun for the remaining people when of 15 racers only 3 cross the finishing line because everyone rage quitted.