View Full Version : [NO] Safety rank reseting ?

01-10-2017, 17:10
Hello guys.

So im a bit confused right now if something is wrong with my game or it has to be like it. I asked in one thread if my safety rank should reset after everytime i launch my game (not race). And he responded that it should be saved (I assume the same way as my skill rank) and no further disscusion was made. So im asking here if any of you guys having the same problem or it is not a problem at all ?

01-10-2017, 17:16
Its a UI bug. In a session it shows your correct safety and skill rank

01-10-2017, 17:57
Like Miwwa says. Its just the graphical display bug. It isnt a reset. you are still on your rank. join online lobby and you will se it displaying correct value. You are still your rank