View Full Version : A few online issues that I believe are quite annoying

01-10-2017, 17:49
After a week of mostly online racing with friends in open servers, I found a lots of issues that are making the experience quite disappointing:

Penalties are, in most cases, ridiculous.
Donington Park, first corner, got hit from behind and catapulted several positions forward, the game tells me to go back to one positions behind where i am. The driver that is meant to pass me is stopped in the track. So he does not pass me, and in addition to all the damaged caused in my car, i received an drive thorough for not giving up the position which i could not give up as the car behind wasn't moving (or was moving very slowly)

Daytona (or was i texas) oval, penalties every time we were leaving the pits. We tried every single idea how to avoid the penalties, we all lost several places in the grid

Rolling starts are broken,m the car is dropped way too high from the sky and you get damage almost every single time, special mention to open wheel cars that take it hard. Check this video ( http s://you tu.be/syuLHBL2-d0?t=450 (remove the spaces), starting, with the IA controlling the car, from outside the circuit. The one you see there is one of my friends, it is a pity you cannot see mine as i lost a wheel before actually taking control of the car.

In that same video, you can see in Min 7.00 how he is kick off the session, but there was not vote going on (and there was not reason for it anyway. So it was another error, but with few details.

While you are in the pits you cannot see your previos laps (and or sectors). Come on! I have to jump in the car and change the hud to full to see my laps, that is not OK. Same, inside the pits, you cannot see the information about the sessions (how long are the next session, how many laps for the race, etc. You can see all that when you join a server, but once you are in, you lose all the information.

In the race start screen, if some idiot does not press ready you have to kick him. A (configurable) countdown should be there instead.

If I restrict the views in a race (mostly in ovals), and I am the only one restricted, my friends can cycle thorough all the views.

And of course, the competitive license is a roller-coaster that not only depends on who the hell enters the session, but also if you get kicked/sanctioned for not reason.

I suppose is the first week and all can be fixed, but as I was surprised of not seeing any post with these problems.

Any one else experiencing them?

01-10-2017, 18:02
Rolling start is a great idea on paper but just does not work in reality.

At least there should be a longer countdown, it just goes from scoreboard to manually controlling your car. So many people are already AFK and has to "jump" back into the game but then it's to late.

01-10-2017, 18:58
I'd love to be able to connect to races to be able to experience these issues.

01-10-2017, 19:06
Yep rolling start is a mess. I havent had manual control and my car just launched forwad hitting the cars in front, - damage to the car, penalty for ramming + 20s, the car got hit is spun, as i have to keep the pace with the leader and give back the position, neither i can do, + drive trough penalty, and another 10s+ for not keeping with the leader. Race is over without even being started.
And yeah most of the T1 accidents you trying to avoid in tight corners by cutting it right after with a message to give the position back and in most cases it is impossible which follows with a DT penalty.

So for now i prefer racing with damage off.

01-10-2017, 20:50
Yeah, no damage no penalties may be a temporary solution, but i really hope these problems get fix ASAP before people start paying the iRacing licenses again...

02-10-2017, 21:17
The sad thing is that there has been no relevant update these days