View Full Version : Problem with FFB on PS4 / G29, driving Karts

01-10-2017, 19:03
Hi everyone. I just bought pCars2 and Logitech G29. And I'm not really happy with first experience so far...

Playing career and going with Karts path and FFB is going crazy. Although tried change FFB settings, default was the best.

First of all even going straight the wheel is shaking a lot, feels like ffb cogs will break inside. Its really hard to keep straight or slight turn...

Second I experience strange behaviour when going into turn: brake before, start turning i can feel a little ffb, but immediatelly it disappears and feels like it switch to oposite direction kinda assisting me to the corner, then i feel reverse force when straightening wheel out of the turn, which makes it hard to go out of the corner in nice trajectory.
With small curve turn its the same, i feel force when turning at the beginning, but then it disappears and car makes hard turn to the side I was turning, leaving me out of track.

I have TM t500rs wheel at work and tested the same car/track there. It also has strange ffb behaviour, but doesnt feel that bad because of belt system...

Tested my G29 on pCars 1 and it feels much better, no such issues like on pCars 2.

Is it a game bug or what? How can I enjoy pCars 2 on my G29??? Thanks!

01-10-2017, 19:37
Same problem with my Fanatec CSL Elite.

It feels like the FFB is trying to push me out of each corner instead of informing me about the current forces of the car :(

I'll wait for a patch to fix this issue (and some other ones) before I'll continue playing the game.

mass control
01-10-2017, 20:50
I notice that the feedback on my wheel t150 with karts are to much on steering heavy than most other cars i have tried aswell