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01-10-2017, 19:37
Hello Everyone,

I am posting this thread to find out if anyone has come across the same gear ratio/final drive issue I have been experiencing. I was in a lobby with my teammate having a practice session to get a feel for the new PCARS 2 physics. And we were both running identical setups yet I was running 30kph+ lower top speed towards the end of sector 1 at Spa using Formula X car.

When my teammate shared his setup and I used his setup, I could reach the same top speed. As soon as I reverted back to my own (identical setup) it was down again. So I then proceeded by sharing my bugged setup with teammate - and he too ended up with a bugged top speed. I tried deleting my setup and trying again and it's the same story.

I can notice the gear ratios are bugged shortly after being released from garage and I am at pit limitir speed. My RPMs were around 5800 and my team are around 5200 - I must stress this was with identical gearing and setup of all other parameters!

My only fix is to just use my teammates setup and modify it to my liking. It shouldn't be like this. In a race I was losing 0.8s in s1 alone due to the gearing bug.

I hope this isn't exclusive to me, many may have had this issue but not aware of it if they haven't done a back to back comparison with someone else.

I look forward to anyone's response.

02-10-2017, 12:54
There are some cars i've noticed that you can't chagne their gear ratios at all. Like the NSX GT3 or the Porsche. Is that a bug also? i find it odd that a gt3 spec car can't make any gearing changes.

02-10-2017, 12:56
The only GT3 car that allows that is the Nissan IIRC as per RL regulations

10-01-2018, 19:04
Bumping this. It's very disruptive to league races. We have force default setups turned on and some drivers have a more advantageous "default" setup. Example: The straight on Dubai Club in the Ginetta GT5. Some drivers do not reach 6th gear and some top out in 6th gear and run 2 seconds/lap slower.

10-01-2018, 19:36
And with "default setups" many players receive different fuel loads in the same session. Some of them have to stop for refueling and others don't.