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rich1e I
01-10-2017, 20:06
I have to admit I never took altitude into consideration when choosing a car/track combination and I didn't know Project CARS simulates this. For anyone who didn't know, quite a few GT3 cars are naturally aspirated. In high altitude air has less oxygen which causes naturally aspirated cars to not perform 100% of their actual potential. For instance, if you drive the Lamborghini around Red Bull Ring you can see on your telemetry screen that it performs with only 440 bhp, and not the full 490 bhp.
I think it could be useful for everyone to have a thread where info about GT3s and maybe other classes can be gathered. Please someone correct me if the following isn't right or if I forgot something. We can also work out which tracks would affect the cars without turbo charger.

Naturally aspirated GT3s:

Ginetta G55
Lamborghini Huracan
Audi R8 LMS
Mercedes AMG
Mercedes SLS AMG
Aston Martin
Porsche 911 R

Turbo charged GT3s:

McLaren 650S
Acura NSX
Ferrari 488
Nissan GT-R
Bentley Continental
Cadillac ATS-V.R

Red Bull Ring definitely affects performance. Nürburgring maybe as well. Other tracks can be added any time.

Fell free to make suggestions.

01-10-2017, 20:26

Jussi Karjalainen
01-10-2017, 20:38
In high altitude air has less oxygen which causes naturally aspirated cars to not perform 100% of their actual potentialTo expand a bit, at high altitudes the air pressure is lower, meaning the pressure of the air going into the engine is also lower. Turbos make up for this by compressing the air so they're not really affected much (they might spool up a bit slower since they'll need higher turbo RPM to provide the boost, but that's about it), NA cars just get less air.

Ginetta has upgraded the G55 GT3 quite a bit since Project CARS 1, these days the car is running a much beefier naturally aspirated V8 engine that has way more grunt than the old one. The old engine basically produced all its power right at the top of the rev range, where as this new engine in pCARS 2 provides ample grunt lower down as well. It's quite a changed car. =)

Nürburgring (GP and Nordschleife both) affect performance very significantly, and at Nordschleife the difference between the highest and lowest point is around 300 odd meters, you'll have significantly more power at the low portions of the track than high up. All tracks affect performance somewhat, you'll probably get about closest to maximum power at sea level tracks like Long Beach and Dubai, or the Mojave test track which is set to exact sea level IIRC, then varying amounts of power loss at any track higher than that.

Mad Al
01-10-2017, 20:44
Top Gear: Bolivia Special

See what happens to a NA engine at 17000 feet :)

01-10-2017, 20:51
i actually prefer Super Charged and before you say it it IS different from turbo charged since it gets its power from the turning of the belt and not the exhaust to turn it

rich1e I
01-10-2017, 20:53
Thanks Jussi for the more detailed explanation. The Ginetta will be added to the naturally aspirated (NA) cars list. Btw I absolutely love the Ginetta.