View Full Version : In love with BMW 320 Turbo

01-10-2017, 22:25
This car...


On Nordschleife...is incredible.
The revs, the power, the handling.
In Oculus Rift it's amazing and actually maybe a little bit too fast, or the game exaggerates the feeling of speed...don't know.
But it's brutal, love downshifting it to death :D

01-10-2017, 22:39
Yea..I'm in love in that beauty also, must be amazing to drive that car with VR :o

02-10-2017, 13:17
In PCars1 it was one of my favorites. Very stable to drive and fast. In PCars2 it's a different story. I've adjusted boost pressure down a little to try and get rid of that turbo snap but I still can't control it. I had to abandon it the other night after about an hour of trying because I couldn't make one lap on any track without it spinning out at least once. I'm not totally giving up on it just yet since I loved it so much in the other game but once I get through exploring other cars and classes I'll try to go back and figure it out.