View Full Version : NZL players interested in online racing - drop me a line

02-10-2017, 01:19
I'm interested in racing online with a wider variety of people - particularly anyone else in New Zealand. I have a couple of other friends with PCars 2, but their availability can be variable.

I tend to race with almost all of the realism options enabled, particularly full damage.
I intend to use the racing license system as much as possible too - as I think it helps to encourage clean driving.

Cars and tracks wise I'm open minded, but I tend to stick to actual race cars, rather than road cars and I prefer circuits, as opposed to point to point style or rally cross.

If that sounds appealing - please get in touch.

I can be found on steam using the handle "muz_j", or feel free to drop me a line here, either by replying to this thread or by sending me a personal message.

Happy driving :)

02-10-2017, 01:45
Hi, we have a couple of members from that region, see if you are interested

02-10-2017, 05:47
Sign up to raceonoz and express your interest in participating in PCars 2 Season 1 here: http://raceonoz.com/forums/index.php?threads/season-9-entry-thread.2924/

Currently at 38 entries all based in Auz or NZ.

EDIT: Should have read your entire post. I see your on the PC. We have quite a few on the forums that are primarily PC based however the majority of those are playing Assetto Corsa or iRacing.

02-10-2017, 12:47
Also join us here, AUS and NZ, both PC and Xbox