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02-10-2017, 09:38
Anyone know if will go the the multiplayer fixed events every week? type iracing... This very well as of licenses but if people in one week run 10 circuits is very difficult that you know the circuit. would be theirs runs every half hour or hourly in the same circuit in the same week.

Siberian Tiger
02-10-2017, 09:55
? Don't get your Question. Sorry...

Can you try to describe it with more Details?

02-10-2017, 11:35
If the game is going to make racing fixed every week type iracing. because careers created by users is a mess.

Roger Prynne
02-10-2017, 11:38
I don't understand your question either... sorry.

02-10-2017, 14:25
Let me take a stab at this... i think i speak the language.

He is asking if there is any future plans to provide a multiplayer format where users can compete in a particular class that runs for say 10 weeks, has a new track each week and runs a daily race on a dedicated server (not sure this was asked, but we'll toss it in for good measure) every hr?

I think his regards are stemming from (the mess) the peer 2 peer hosted races where its a new class, track all the time. (he has no time to practice and get up to speed with these racer X's!)

Roger Prynne
02-10-2017, 15:35
If that's correct then the answer is probably no.