View Full Version : connection errors XBox one

02-10-2017, 12:59
Since day 1 pCars2 was launched, it's hardly possible for me to stay in races, quallies or practise sessions.
After half a lap, or after a few minutes, the game disconnects me and shows the message I'm disconnected and got returned back to the lobby.

I have this issue most of the time, and rarely Im able to finish a full schedule or complete a race.

When I play other games in multiplayer there are no connection issues. When i check my internet connection and multiplayer connection through the Xbox swttings on my console, everything looks fine.

Am I the only one with issues regarding to staying online during races, or ...?

02-10-2017, 17:51
I have the same thing. What i've noticed as well is I tend to look for the games where there is shorter qualifying times. I go to join a lobby whereby its showing the yellow "Q" box highlighted which I assume means they are at that point and upon joining (this has been about 15-20 times) it's already in the race so I back out to look for another lobby not knowing if my rating has been impacted