View Full Version : Replay is busted and graphics are subpar :(

02-10-2017, 14:17
After my first race at Sonoma in the Porsche Cayman career I wanted to see the replay cause it was a really good race but when I play it only my car leaves the start. The rest of the field just sits there. Also the graphics for PS4 are horrible, especially when the sun is going down. Looks like a PS2 game. Even the script on the windshield is jagged.

One other thing I noticed. during qualifying in career with about 10 mins left all the AI drive about 5 mph on the track in the grass. Happened in all 3 races so far

02-10-2017, 14:40
They said that they already improved Aliasing for PS4 version and it's coming in the next patch.
I guess we'll have to wait to see it it makes any difference.