View Full Version : Trouble with first Indy Car Race

02-10-2017, 14:22
Hi, i tried 10 times to win the first Indy Car Race in Daytona (30 rounds)

2 Cars are on the same speed, the others are slow.

I need to do a pit stop, because not enough fuel. some AI Cars dont need to pit. Cant win the race.

Next problem is, that i often miss my box Penske #3, first box in the pit lane.

cant progress in my career mode. :mad:

Btw, when comes the first patch?, found so many bugs, weather issues, ai cars issues, missing flags/lights, safety car, ......

Mad Al
02-10-2017, 14:47
Go into the ICM and set the engine to Lean - that might just get you round the full distance without stopping - your car will be a little slower (lean mixture = less power) but try and get a tow to help out