View Full Version : [Dedicated Server] Missing feature since PCARS1

02-10-2017, 14:43

Since PCARS1 I feel the dedicated server api is missing a feature. While developing an (lua) addon, the only action we have is to kick a player. With the new rating system, the lack of options now is a problem. How to apply a penalty to a player that is causing too many collisions, high ping, or whatever, without impacting his rating ?

I think we could have a lua function to force the player to do a stop and go, and a function to retire the player to pit (obviously without impacting players ranking).

Marc Wieneke
04-10-2017, 17:53
But the rating is about clean and fair driving so the driver should be penaltied if he is causing many collisions. Edith: And if the majority of players want to kick somebody probably there is a reason and this will is surely not because he is mr. niceguy. :concern:

An automatic high ping kick or even better an requirement to enter the server like the licenses setting does would be nice.

04-10-2017, 18:03
I have an add-on for high ping kick.

I doubt any player would be happy if they lose points just because a connection problem... Or they got kicked after being hit from back in Monza first corner causing a collision because of that...

We need more options, I'm not telling we shouldn't kick a bad player.