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02-10-2017, 15:08
hello my fellow racers i want to ask about KERS in indy i was trying it and i noticed when i press the button it uses all of the boost tell it fnishes, is that how it works ? as i read that it's used to overtake for about 10 sec then it stops , unless i'm missing something .
thank you all :)

02-10-2017, 15:38
Correct that's how it works. One push and you have boost in HP for x amount of time.
The ovals seem odd. Where you only have one push to pass(p2p) and it's much longer while on road circuits you may have 10 and they last for 5-10 seconds

I don't know specific amounts or Indy rules or whether they follow the rules but seems okay to me as the casual watcher of INDY.
At Long Beach I usually use two pushes on the laps im pushing on
And on ovals the one P2P gives you about 3laps that it affects least at Indy it was about 3 laps

02-10-2017, 16:28
So Push to Pass really works? I think I tried it by pushing the KERS button and nothing happened. Guess I'll have to go back and try when I get home!


Casey Ringley
02-10-2017, 16:41
Yes the push to pass works in races only. It's not KERS but an increase in boost pressure for roughly an additional 50hp. You get 10 shots at 20s each for 200s total during a race.

We also used it for a bit of a trick on ovals. They don't allow it there during races in the real car, but Indy does have the quirk of allowing extra boost during qualifying only. In the future we'll update our system to include a boost that works only in non-race sessions to cover this, but for now the speedway car has a single-shot, 160s, 0.1bar boost increase that lets you do a 4-lap qualifying run at Indy on the correct power level.

02-10-2017, 16:55
Yeah, I think it's 1.65 bar, now. I think normal boost is 1.50. They are investigating P2P for next season on ovals with the new body kits.

Can you use it during practice and Qually, or is it race only??..........and it is the KERS button, correct?

Thanks, Casey!!

Casey Ringley
02-10-2017, 17:05
Road course car it only works during races. Speedway car it also works in practice and qualifying.

I prefer to just call it the boost button. :) We've got some where it does turbo pressure, some with a battery hybrid motor, even that crazy SVA Evo where it triggers a good old nitrous injection system. KERS is too specific a name for that control.