View Full Version : Formation lap penalty, pre-race info, set up bug and other concerns.

02-10-2017, 16:13
These are just a few things that I have found :

1. The formation lap penalties need to be addressed. The guy in front of me spins out during the formation lap, i get penalized 2 seconds because he took for ever to get back around me and the I get penalized 2 more seconds for being to slow and being to far from the back of the pack.

2. Where is the race info (laps, assists, etc...) for online races? None of this info is visible in the lobbies anywhere that I can find. Please advise if i'm mistaken.

3. Can we have PCars 1 setup saving system back? Perfect example of something that worked great, was simple and didn't need to be turned into the over-engineered mess it is now.

4. Why is the estimated number of laps gone from the fuel adjustment in the setup? Worked great in PCars 1 because it changed as your lap times changed. Again, something that worked great but is gone for what reason?

5. The ranking system is good on the surface but the On Track Penalties and Rules need to be addressed for this to work. So many penalties and warnings that you can hardly race without taking it in the backside on your ranking. PCars1 at least gave us 2 tires and light contact. Now if you touch at all your penalized regardless of who's at fault. Now if you so much as touch the sand at Laguna Seca (example) you get penalized even if you still have 2 tires on the track. I use this example because this is the reason Laguna Seca added the extra asphalt on the right side of left handed dog leg. There has to be some "give" somewhere because we aren't slot cars. Also this goes back to the previous issue of the race info in the online lobby because if you go all the way in and find out it's not what you thought it was your stuck because the system will penalize you for backing out! Really?

6. Is there an issue with the internal memory in the game as far as setup's are concerned? A handful of times I have found that once I practice, qualify and double check my setup before the race the car is complete junk in the race. I double checked the weather, track temp, etc... and nothing on that end of it is different.

7. Is there a known issue with turning the assist's on and off in game? I have all assist's on but in game it may say Stability N/A on my screen but after hitting it a few times it pop's on. There doesn't seem to be much consistancy with the feature. Double checked my settings and race settings but it still doesn't matter. The same goes for the Traction Control and ABS but I do understand the Stability Control will activate both.

02-10-2017, 18:36
1. yep super annoying and confusing
2. Would love to have this fixed
3. I don't mind the new system....when it works and doesn't freeze the game for 24+ seconds
4. Who knows? Maybe so its something they change later?
5. Yep, I feel like things aren't as bad as in pc1 with the track limits but the contact one is kinda lame. even good slight bumping will get you a warning.
6. Yes, it sucks. Sometimes things revert completely including my HUD settings.
7. Yea some times my stability control is on but its off. Change it in car and it will come back on. Its odd idk what happens there.