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02-10-2017, 16:28
I would like to highlight that for Formula Rookie, Ginetta Junior, Ginetta GT5 and Renault Clio Cup car, the heating-up process for tyres does not seem to work.

Even pushing the car to the limit, with super low tyre pressures, does not lead to an improvement in tyre temps which remains really cold. Apparently the AI do not seem to be affected by temps.

To explain better the situation i will be using an example:

- First race of the Ginetta GT5 championship in Oulton
- Start the event in the pit with tyres in "green" status, optimal temp
- Leave the pit and get to manual driving. Immediatly tyres back to "blue" status, super cold. You are suggested by the engineer to pay attention.
- Push for 7-8 laps in a row (very difficult with car hard to drive due to cold tyres)
- Tyres never reach optimal temperature (maximum 50-55 degree) and you are completely trashed by the AI. The car itself very difficult to control.
- You qualify last (At 80% AI) 4-5 seconds of the pace
- For the race you are fitted with "green" tyres on the grid (optimal temp) and you can easily win.

The same happens in the formula rookie series where indeed you can achieve faster laptimes putting wet tyre (as the heat-up).

I think this is a really serious problem for the playability of the career mode.

Is this known/ under investigation?

thank you

02-10-2017, 16:31
Yes it's a known issue.

02-10-2017, 16:59
Yes it's a known issue.

Thank you for the answer. I just wanted to share the point given that i saw it fragmented in many threads without being really addressed.
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