View Full Version : Setup change during pitstop ?

02-10-2017, 17:29
Hello there,

I just got a weird thing during a game online.
It happened during both qualy & race.

So, it's on Le Mans, I run the R18 Audi.
I got my setup loaded, I do some laps, I pit, and when I'm out, the car isn't going at the same topspeed, and got more downforce.
I drive for 2 laps just to be sure.

I choose to comeback into the pits, load the setup again and wait for the race.
We were starting a 1H race.
Everything is fine at the start.
Then came the pitstop, same things happens again, slower car after the pitstop.

I've been having some troubles with the setup online since the day one, it's seems better in the loading/saving process now but the last little thing (maybe a bug) can be very annoying.


09-10-2017, 07:11
More reports here (https://www.gtplanet.net/forum/threads/project-cars-2-bug-report-q-a.359113/page-24#post-11975208) and here (https://www.gtplanet.net/forum/threads/project-cars-2-bug-report-q-a.359113/page-25#post-11978110).