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02-10-2017, 18:30
PS4 player here, using the controller, a fair veteran of driving games, since Chequed Flag on the ZX Spectrum.

After no small amount of tweaking the controls, I hit a good setup for the start of my career and did well and was having a good time.

Then chose the Clio Cup to go forward. Big mistake.

The Clio is impossible to drive. I'm no petrolhead, but even my real life (old mans taxi) Toyota Avensis can take a corner at 40mph better than this car does!

The first right hander in Brands Hatch is almost impossible to take at anything other than about 30mph, as are quite a few others.

I would of assumed a punchy small car with a bit of power would have better handling than this?

As a result the game has sat on the shelf for a week now untouched. After spending the best part of an hour previously trying to get a decent lap in on the Clio, I gave up and the brick wall has hit early.

Anyone else?

02-10-2017, 18:35
1) It's a FWD car. If you see the rear breaking out, hit the throttle. Don't try to go even slower.
2) If you really don't want to drive the Clio why don't you create a new career profile and choose a different path?

02-10-2017, 18:52
I'm on PC with T300 wheel (and VR). Did already tweak the FFB with help of this forum(e.g. Jack Spade). Career mode AI 100/75 and won in full season all the Clio Cup races besides the Brands Hatch race. Was pushed of track which also can happen in real life from my own experience ;). Had to fight back from place 6-7 to 3rd place. And I'm just a mediocre simracer. In several challenges most of the times in the midsection of the leaderboards. So to stimulate you: if I can win the ClioCup you can also win it for sure.

Brands Hatch first corner and last corner are in all sims challenging. Brake early and not too fast full throttle. I was told this is also in real life when on this BH racetrack.

Although I also have PS4PRo I have not played/races PCars2 on console so cannot compare. What I know for sure is that PCars2 on PC is a real joy, great physics/ffb and very good car handling and you can 'feel' the car on track.

Everybody makes his/her own choice but I can recommend to invest at least a couple of hours before judging too fast about this sim. Like in real life you have to learn a car when you e.g. swap from an Avensis to a McLaren ;)

02-10-2017, 19:00
I tried to tweak that car for about an hour today and I agree that it's setup too twitchy and the best tuning option to make it become less twitchy are not available.

Let me give you some tips:

- lower the rear, higher the front (I recommend only changing ride height, not to touch bump stops)
- less front-camber but not by too much
- put a higher pre-load on the differential

Now the real tip:
The car get's unstable during the transition from braking to acceleration, so make that transition SMOOOTH. Leave off the brake sloowly and get on the gas slow and smooth than you can drive it through longer corners. However a quick transition can make you fast in slow to mid speed corners because you get all the steering done in a quick, somewhat unstable rotation ...then start accelerating out of the corner even before its middle and drive it as a late apex. Brands Hatch is not an ideal course for this technique, here you should concentrate on being smooth from off-brake to on-throttle.

major sunscreen
02-10-2017, 19:30
There's a thread about 5 pages down now "Renault Clio setup advice" or some such
Lots of pointers in there. After much tweaking its a gem to drive. Stick with it, and briefly- lower rear tyre pressures to get heat in, soften rear dampers, increase rear toe slightly, move brake bias fwds, increase pwr diff then you'll find that you can carry speed into the corner and balance the rear using power. I got a screenshot today from my knockhill replay of it on two wheels around a corner..

major sunscreen
02-10-2017, 19:34
If its any consolation ive just moved on from the clio cup to formula renault. Its suddenly a bit more intense and im just a little astounded at the difference in performance, and I'm crashing/spinning every lap.. the car feels undrivable on initial feel, but the beauty is that I know that I will be able to dial out the craziness...