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02-10-2017, 20:37
Hello ALL,

I saw a bug today. When i play with real weather activate and it's rainy, the track it's not wet !!

Any other people saw this bug ?

SMS if you can patch this bug please ;)

03-10-2017, 08:10
Hey there,

can it be that it recently started raining and thus the track needs some time to get moist? Maybe it was just some very light rain and I think (not 100% sure) that when you use real weather, it also takes a realistic amount of time for the track to get wet or dry up again.

If you use your own weather slots and sync them to the race length, then the track will be staurated with water muuuuch quicker. Or dry up much quicker. The best thing is to use weather slots and change the changing speed between the different weather slots to be authentic (not sure how it is labeled in the english game version, though). Because the acceleration of the dynamic weather or the dynamic daytime will also influence the temperature/track influence that comes with weather and daytimes...

EDIT: Project CARS 2 also simulates real rain clouds that hover over the track. So it can happen that when a particular rain cloud just streaks over a part of the track, that part will start getting wet while other parts of the track stay relatively dry or entirely dry. More noticable on large tracks like the Nordschleife, though.

03-10-2017, 21:39

yes the rain was started during my practice time on Nordschleife combined. It was a light rain. But after 30min, the road is wet in real life you know, not in PC2.
After, I was tested on Sugo (a small track ) the real weather is rain. I started my practice and yes i have rain on my windshield, i have sound under my car like water on the track but my car grip very well and no texture water on road

On 2 differently track with two differently cars and two differently condition of rain ( started with rain and rain started during the session) I suppose it's a bug