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02-10-2017, 20:53
I strongly urge anyone to map 'seat up' and 'seat down' on your wheel or controller if you can.

I only ever race in cockpit view, and some cars feel like I'm either sat on a booster chair or am about 8ft tall! What a difference lowering the seat makes!! It changes from a old lady sat up against the wheel to a much more natural race position! I never saw it as a problem until I mapped these and changed the settings, it's far more fun now, plus I see the dials on the dash far better, and I feel like I'm now racing rather than going for a Sunday drive!

Such an obvious thing to do, but 9 out of 10 cars feel too 'upright' for me

Also, standard FOV at 70 is too low I feel, 80 is far better! Yes, I know it depends how close you are to the screen etc, but sense of speed is much improved at 80 sat far back or closer! (imo)

Try it!!

mass control
02-10-2017, 23:02
Hoping that keyboard support comes then can map to that the seat as already using all the buttons and d-pad that need more in the game on other things and ran out to map now.

02-10-2017, 23:11
I'm finding Free Camera (Ctrl+K) is a hell of a lot more useful for cockpit cam than the seat adjustments primarily as its name suggests it gives you a lot more freedom. Luckily it still works on a keyboard even if you can't map anything else yet!

02-10-2017, 23:18
No ctrl k on xbox :(

10-10-2017, 15:32
No ctrl k on xbox :(

plug in a usb keyboard. It works.