View Full Version : Rolling Starts or Online Setups bugged?

02-10-2017, 22:49
Running Monza for a 45 minute qualifier and a 90 minute race. During qualifying I loaded a setup. Pressures at 1.30 bars and fuel at 20L. Towards end of qualify modified the same setup to increase fuel to 84L (max). When race started and rolling start loaded I had 67L of fuel. What is interesting is that I used about 17L (not all 20L) during my qualifying. So it seemed that the 17L I used for qual was subtracted from the full tank of fuel I added before the same, in the same setup.

Tire pressures did not seem appropriate either as they were way higher then the 1.30 bars I set them to. Tire pressures were reading around 1.85 bars.