View Full Version : Bug Report - Immersive FFB

02-10-2017, 23:05
I've been trying to get a decent setup with the Thrustmaster T300 for the last few days & I'm almost positive there's an issue with the 'immersive' FFB setting. I've been having multiple issues using the immersive flavour & the settings below:

Gain - 50
Volume - 58
Tone - 50
FX - 50

- FFB cuts in & out during a lap, starting with a light wheel & suddenly switching to a very heavy wheel
- After driving for a few laps, making changes to the FFB in the pause menu renders no results on the track. e.g. setting volume to 0 or 100 results in the same feedback.
- Buttons assigned to FFB volume do nothing. No matter how many times I press there are no changes.
- The wheel regularly pulls 10-15 degrees to the right, almost as if the car is damaged, even when sitting on the grid at the start of a race.

This is all happening with multiple cars on multiple tracks. I've tried resetting my controller configurations to the default but no result. The wheel is also correctly calibrated & I've tried restarting the wheel and the game, all to no avail.

However.... switching to the 'raw' flavour has (so far) got rid of all of these problems. I'm getting consistent feedback across multiple cars. Only the volume needs to be (slightly) adjusted per car, but that's to be expected.

I'm aware there was a major problem in the testing of wheels on consoles, so hopefully this is something that can be rectified in a future patch. Reading through the forum I'm seeing a lot of people using the immersive flavour & complaining of inconsistent feedback - I'd suggest to anyone having problems to stop using it for now.