View Full Version : Fanatec ClubSport V3 Pedal Support?!?!

Sum Dixon-Ear
03-10-2017, 00:13
I was out for a wee online race at Snetterton 300 earlier this evening and something rather extaordinary happened.

My FFB had, unfortunately, reverted to being utterly useless (again), providing less strength and detail than the Microsoft Xbox 360 Wheel on Forza 3... but when I was 'slightly' abusing the kerbs and stepping the back end onto the grass I realised that the pedal rumble motors were performing some kind of mad, haptic dance. As the weight/traction shifted from one rear tyre to the other, the rumble moved from the brake to the throttle and back in a very convincing wave-like feeling... it felt as though I could feel the floor of the car actually flex a little under my tootsies. It was, at the same time, wonderful and somewhat unnerving.

What kind of Madness is this?

I freaking love it!