View Full Version : This is the game I always wanted!

03-10-2017, 07:29
Ok so now I've sunk over a week of playtime with PC2 in VR. My sleep pattern is totally crushed and my co-workers are starting to think that I'm constantly high.. Seriously though, you should have seen my face every day now since the game was released. This game has it all! Advanced tyre models, good physics, dynamic tracks, a world that really feels alive and a progression that makes you feel like your time is well worth spent in this game. The sound is fantastic and the force feedback is the best I have ever tried.. There are ofcourse minor annoyances in things, like not being able to remove avatar without the rim being removed, severe damages for a simple contacts and water pits that you cannot drive over at low speed. But they are actually just nitpicky for the overall feel and experience! And I've found a way to work around these small stuff and forgive them. Turning off damage in certain tracks, carefully planning drive pattern over pits etc.

You have successfully created a masterpiece, and I can proudly say that this is my favorite game and the best feeling sim-racing title I have ever tried. I've even cancelled my long lasted iRacing subscription