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03-10-2017, 08:00
Where is the glowing of the Brakediscs, there is no glowing if you hit the brakes!

03-10-2017, 08:03
What car(s)? What track/corner? This works for sure, but of course the brakes won't light up with every bit of braking, you'll need to brake hard and often. Also, car set-up (e.g. brake ducts) will have an influence. And finally, of course it's possible that there's a bug, either with (a) specific car(s) or with replays (assuming that you've noticed this in replay).

In either case, please give us a bit more information :)

03-10-2017, 08:18
i`ve seen this in the Replay wit Car RWD LMP1, there was no glowing at the Brakes.

03-10-2017, 09:17
I think glowing disks are generally over done in pretty much all car games, Project Cars 2 in my opinion gets it right.

I think steal brakes start to glow at around 800

03-10-2017, 09:19
They are for sure there, I’ve seen them glow. It was in a replay of a night race though.

Roger Prynne
03-10-2017, 09:44

03-10-2017, 10:56
That is a glorious screenshot. I too was starting to wonder about brake glow as I hadn't noticed any in general. Then again I don't do a lot of replay watching at the moment.

Good to see it is there and that it only shows when it should. I'm starting to feel there is a lot more nuance/detail to PC2 than I and maybe a fair few others probably expected.

03-10-2017, 11:08
Also, LMP1 have brake setups very very similar to F1 so it wilol be tough to see brake glow on them anyways.

03-10-2017, 11:20
If you look carefully they do glow - they are like the brakes on the R18, there is a cover over the brake disc so it's not easy to see it. I assume the cover is there to duct the cooling air right to the disc.


My RWD LMP1 - you can clearly see the brake disc glow between the cover and the caliper.


03-10-2017, 11:32
That's one hawt car (with glowing brakes).