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03-10-2017, 08:10
Searched forum but didn't manage to find anything about this.

PS4 Pro - Dual-shock

With Steering and Breaking assistance turned on the cars behave very strange.
-It turns off the throttle completly in turns in a way that could not be called assistance. In Rally Cross events this becomes unplayable.
-On straights way before any turns it hits the breakes randomly and makes it impossible to complete any race other than last.
-Driving Lines sometimes disappear in some turns. Next lap they might be there or not.
-Various graphics issues when driving but I assume these are known and being worked on.

First impressions - Really like the game but some cars seems almost impossible to drive. Started career mode with Clio Cup but I will have to quit and chose another car. It oversteers so much that it is impossible to keep it on the road. The mechanic says We usually adjust anti-roll bars for this issue but this car doesn't have any, please Edit your setup manually. What a lousy team I got that ask the driver to fix car problems. I know some people say Clio is some of the hardest cars to drive. But at least with the first races in Career mode something must be wrong. AI is running at ridiculous speeds in turns without the rear moving an inch. I re-started the race maybe 30 times to try to follow their line. Didn't work once even with the tips from Clio "experts" how to handle the Clio. Some people that experience the same Clio issues says that running with Clio on tracks when it rains/wet tyres is a completly different experience. The Clio keeps it track. So something is not right.

Looking forward to some overall polishing of the game.

17-12-2017, 02:59
Newbie here and I have the same random braking issue. I was looking around to see if this was a common problem.

This happens with more than one car/circuit in my case. It seemed to go away when I disabled the Braking Assistance feature.

20-12-2017, 01:37
Searched forum but didn't manage to find anything about this.

PS4 Pro - Dual-shock

Might want to edit your profile... it says PC for platform...

20-12-2017, 11:06
Breaking assist says it all its helps you break if you don't want the game to do this simply turn it off pretty obvious really