View Full Version : Countersteering / opposite lock using controller

03-10-2017, 09:31
Hi all,

Between all the info and help on the forums as well as ingame for a suitable controller setup,
there's little info on countersteering when using a controller.

In PC1 there was an 'opposite lock' option in the menu, which more or less let you correct or countersteer the car.

I found a very good personal controller setting that works like a charm, except correcting the car when the rear steps out still remains very hard to impossible without triggering an overall spin that leads you off track.

Have any of you got an idea if this can work with a controller setup?

Here's an early video, which shows how (when using a wheel) the car can be driven and corrected, so you get the idea:


(PS: F1 2017 for example does this quite well when using DS4.)