View Full Version : In race penlties usually completly wrong

03-10-2017, 12:42
I have noticed that the penalties given in game are very rarely close to correct and often exactly opposite to what should be given.

First example I have had a few times in a race, a car will rear end you from miles back then they spin. If you keep on going it will tell you to hand the spot back, first issue is how the heck can that be the car ahead fault and I have not had this in 50/50 calls but when guys miss a brake marker by 50m or appear not to even touch the brakes. Then you get the warning to give the spot back which as the other guy has spun is not easy without stopping and waiting for them for 20-30 seconds when you never should have to. This then gives you a 30 second time penalty plus damage when you did nothing wrong but the guy that rear ended you was entirely at fault. Secondly this penalty isn't to give the spot back to the guy you spun even if it was given properly its only to give back a spot to the next car behind you. So if you were to pit manoeuvre somebody and god forbid the game got the penalty right which I havent seen yet but then I also have hardly ever rear ended anybody or caused them to spin. You wouldn't need to redress to the guy as it would be in real racing you only need to lose 1 spot so this rule is pretty much done so poorly it would be best left out.

Second example pit exit warnings and penalties, some tracks you can be well within the track lines and get a warning or penalty. At Monza short I got warnings so went even further right towards the pit wall and got a grid penalty. Its not unsafe and its not crossing the pit exit lines so another rule that at many tracks is completely wrong.

Third issue I had is in a formation lap I got rear ended twice and on both occasions was given a 10 second penalty for causing a collision. How is it the guy ahead that can cause a collision in a formation lap? then be penalized while the guy behind gets no penalty. At worst penalize both even though I think the car behind would have to be at fault 99.99999% of the time on a formation lap.

The other basic issue of having no info about race settings, distance etc once in a server is a rather odd design decision. Surely this is important info and it should let you know about start type, race distance, useful forecast, compulsory pit etc.

Its nice to add more rules and features but they should at least work to a reasonable level not where they negatively impact the person doing nothing wrong most of the time.