View Full Version : Fuel level in MP race doesn't match setup value

Scott Coffey
03-10-2017, 15:16
If I set the fuel in setup to 25 (I use Imperial settings) then that's what I get in qualifying, but in the actual race the fuel is a much larger amount.

Also, would be nice to have qualifying fuel level and race fuel level in the setup, instead of needing to change between qualifying and race. If the host doesn't allow the 'ready' feature, then it's easy to get caught out with too little fuel for the race.

03-10-2017, 15:21
Had this problem.

Only workaround I know is to have the "ready" screen and reload your setup before you hit ready and go to the track.
Otherwise I'll get a full tank.

Siberian Tiger
03-10-2017, 15:25
Yes, happens to me aswell (Reported). ALWAYS Load Setup before Entering a Session is a working, Workaround :)

03-10-2017, 17:42
Thanks mate.
Hope the devs can pick it up and it's an easy fix for them :)

Scott Coffey
03-10-2017, 20:05
Wasn't aware of the workaround. Thx. :)

04-10-2017, 21:46
This really need to get fixed, if you don't have the pre-race screen where you wait for everyone to check "ready", you can't load your custom setup. It is a nightmare to drive the M6 GT3 on the default setup.