View Full Version : Wheel Calibtation not recognising my wheel

03-10-2017, 16:10
I have a CSWv2.5 and have selected the correct model in Pcars 2 but I cannot assign the wheel movement, all the buttons on the wheel assign fine but not the actual wheel left/right...

When I go to wheel calibration it therefore does not recognise any wheel movement.

Any ideas what the issue could be ? Wheel works fine in every other game ever...

edit: even when I do a custom wheel profile it doesn't recognise left or right movement of the wheel. This all too reminiscent of the train wreck of issues with the first game, sigh.

03-10-2017, 18:54
Sorry longtings, I have the same wheel as you. I switched from PC1 and haven't calibrated the wheel/pedals and it is apparently working fine. Assigning buttons works as well. Maybe you could try the Technical help forum if you haven't already.