View Full Version : Multi-class online race issues

03-10-2017, 17:12
Started up a multiclass lobby last night. A few things i noticed.

Lobby had 3 people. 2 gt4 (host) and 1 gt3. Everyone else who entered the race picked GT3. Apparently from the lobby the session is not marked as "multi class" They saw GT3 cars and the only option they had was gt3. So 6 gt3 2 gt4 cars.

When searching for MC lobbies I have never had one show up and when searching for the one i was in (left game and came back) it didn't show up. SO at least for me MC lobbies don't appear in the sessions list and new comers only see the last picked class.

Actual race was just fine and went smoothly, there needs to be a different notification setting from within the lobby so persons know what type of race it is. (also can we please see race details while in the session? why can i not see how many laps there are after leaving hte lobby???????)

Side note: leaving that game checking the ssession and re-joining took 7 entire minutes. Thats how slow the lobbies/loadscreen/freezing is. On a ps4.
Praying this is fixed soon because idk i wanna race more not listen to the menu music

15-10-2017, 16:04