View Full Version : Safe, Clean and Respected Racers

03-10-2017, 18:44
Wanted to start a thread of people that you raced online with that were respectable and safe. Had a whole room a good clean racing last week and make me think of it.

Post the name of someone that you raced with that you would recommend. If anything maybe this will grow to a good database for clean racers.

Overlandrex3 clean and fast

TheDocktor40 Fast and respectable

04-10-2017, 06:22
Well, unluckily I don't have the names but yesterday we were having an awesome race. I named the lobby "Quick & Clean" and we were round about 15 people racing on the Nürburgring GP course. People of all ranks from U to A.

No T1 crash, absolutely no issues. Everyone finished and the field was tight and close together. There was always action, in every turn. People going three wide without a crash, overtaking, getting overtaken. Like in the Moto GP motorcycle series where there is always action. There was so much overtaking going on that I actually had to laugh all the time because of the mess, but absolutely 0 crashes. This was the best online race I had in the past 8 years.

04-10-2017, 09:57
We are also looking for clean racers for our GTE and VINTAGE league. If you are interested in check my post in multiplayer forum (Pcars2 vintage and GTE online championship is ACTIVE)