View Full Version : COR Project Cars 2 GT3 League (PC)

03-10-2017, 20:23
COR has 2 successful Seasons of F1 League racing and wants to expand our League racing across different platforms.
While we are currently holding our 3rd season on F1 2017. (place available in our second split) we are also going to have a League on Project Cars 2.

Our Project Cars 2 League will be held in the GT3 car class.

We have no set date yet, and we are working hard to make a fun track roster.

What does COR give?
* Fair racing
* A competitive racing environment
* Likeminded players.

What do we expect?
* Clean racing
* Try to attend most races during the season
* A positive behaviour towards the others

If you are interested in a fair and competitive racing environment add and contact me on steam.

Steam name= Calipoz
I use the PC masterrace picture as Steam picture.